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Business Needs

Microsoft Applications, Oracle, SAP, VMWare, and VOIP

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Juniper Networks provides a number of business solutions for enterprises of any size. Whether you are looking for a Microsoft Exchange solution or a VOIP for business solution, Juniper Networks can provide you with the necessary tools to keep your enterprise networks and network applications running efficiently.

  • Network Infrastructure
    • Juniper Networks infrastructure solutions unite all locations of your company and are designed to enable businesses to accomplish their objectives by offering quick, dependable and safe access to applications and services across one unified network structure.
  • Business Continuity
    • Disasters can have an extensive influence on an organizations ability to maintain its clientele and sustain business stability. The idea of your staff being inaccessible for an unknown quantity of time without forewarning and without network contact can initiate huge losses in productivity and directly influence the bottom-line of your company.
    • Juniper Networks Business Continuity Solutions offers the easiest, fastest—and most safe—recovery plan for continuity when confronted with approaching manmade or natural disasters. Even if your company was forced to close vital work centers because of a disaster or a health risk, the employees could continue business and work remotely, safely accessing the business network and the resources essential for them to be efficient even while using a home computer or loaner equipment. Moreover, the disaster recovery plan guarantees that users are granted access to only authorized network locations and certain data, and no other.
  • Distributed Enterprise
    • The customary organizational model that consisted of satellite branches positioned around a primary headquarters is outdated. Today businesses are dispersed further than the corporate headquarters across multiple locations with branches, office buildings and home offices in various countries across the globe. In addition, organizations are more “liquid” than ever before. Employees fluctuate between working in the office to working on site to working from home on a day to day basis. This emphasizes how important work centers are to businesses. Companies need dependable, safe, efficient IT networking systems.
    • Juniper Networks Distributed Enterprise Solutions facilitates IT services without limitations by offering reliable connectivity, safety, and administration services throughout all work centers, despite volume or location. Furthermore, Juniper Network’s distributed organizational systems are dedicated to decreasing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with your networks.
  • Security and Compliance
    • Access Control Solutions enable your staff as well as people outside your company to access the same network on both managed and unmanaged tools. Adaptive Threat Management Solutions adjust to varying network protection risks and threats across the dispersed organization. This results in a receptive and reliable security platform for high-performing networks. As regulations increase in size and complexity, businesses depend on IT solutions that are simple to deploy, adjust, and administer while simplifying the network security conformity procedure.
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