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Microsoft Applications and Juniper Networks

Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Unified Communications

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Microsoft is an international leader in services, software and Internet technologies for corporate and private computing.

·        Microsoft Exchange ServerApplication Virtualization: The Juniper solution for Microsoft Exchange Server permits companies to effortlessly offer improved performance, safety, and accessibility to guarantee maximum ROI for Exchange Server deployments and application virtualization.

·        Microsoft SharePointRemote Access Solution: Juniper's remote access and data center application acceleration solutions offer safe, advanced contact to the SharePoint Server for distant, portable, and branch employees.

·        Microsoft Unified Communications Application Acceleration: Juniper Networks and Microsoft collaborate to provide the network services necessary to construct an accessible, receptive, and secure environment for the application acceleration of Microsoft Unified Communications across one network.

·        File Sharing and WAN Optimization: Juniper's integrated WAN optimization solution overcomes the obstacles that influence application file sharing and performance across the WAN.


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