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Oracle and Juniper Networks

Application Acceleration, Availability, and Remote Access Security

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Juniper Networks, an active partner of Oracle, offers solutions that optimize and increase the performance, dependability, scalability, and safety of Oracle applications.

  • Application Acceleration: The WXC SeriesApplication Acceleration Platforms guarantee that Oracle mission-critical end-user and SOA operations take precedence over less imperative ones like email and Web browsing. The WXC Series significantly increases the performance of Oracle applications for distant data centers and division offices, facilitating onetime deployments with LAN-like reaction times, despite location.
  • Availability: The routing and switching offered by Juniper Networks offers a reliable solution to craft a safe, dependable network that's favorable for today's joint network deployments.
  • Remote AccessSecurity: Juniper’s SSG Series and SRX Series security platforms comprise of SSL VPN, firewall, united remote access control, and intrusion detection devices. Juniper SSG Series and SRX Series offer complete, integrated safety solutions that guarantee secure and compliant Oracle applications.

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