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VMWARE and Juniper Networks

Network Virtualization, VMWARE Virtualization

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Juniper Networks and VMware have partnered to supply organizations with options that help decrease the expenditures associated with data center and network virtualization. Juniper's security and network virtualization abilities accentuate the infrastructure of VMware virtualizationabilities.

  • Improved dependability and elasticity for enhanced Business Continuity: VMware Network Infrastructure 3 offers the maximum level of data security. Juniper Networks’ EX4200 offers improved throughput and reduced latency, allowing VMware VMotion to function across long distances for optimal VMWARE Virtualization.
  • Reduce Data Center TCO and Lower Complexity: VMware ESX for server consolidation can decrease device and operating expenditures by up to 50%. Juniper Networks Data Center Infrastructure Solutions decreases organizational network difficulty and offers savings of up to 52% in capital expenses.

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