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The problem facing many businesses today is the need to offer network connection to satellite users such as dispersed employees, clients, partners, and distributors, while retaining a firm control over vital resources and eliminating any risk of data loss.

Juniper Networks extended enterprise solutions offer users access to business applications on both supervised and unsupervised devices, while guaranteeing that these devices meet company procedures throughout the length of the network session. These solutions offer a low cost way to facilitate safe remote connection and partner extranets. Juniper’s solutions integrate into your company providing a continuity strategy that guarantees access to resources during emergencies and natural disasters.

The SA Series SSL VPN and IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention device collaborate to defeat malicious traffic from intruding the network. Juniper Networks Unified Access Control sustains the same control when distant users re-enter the network, while Juniper Networks STRM Series Security Threat Response Managers record and correlate all occurrences to supply a big picture view of the network.